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29 Things That Can Easily Ruin A Woman's Day

Having to wax anything, pretty much.

1. Falling on your ass in heels.

2. When your tights fall down and you have to do the awkward shimmy dance to get them back in place.

3. When you realize that your favorite bra is just...done. It's over. RIP bra.

4. Being in public while on your period and not being able to find a tampon.

5. When you're feeling confident, then you look in a mirror and notice that your makeup has been smudged this. whole. time.

6. Getting something waxed and having them accidentally rip off your skin.

7. Finding THE shirt that will make everything in your world good again, only to discover someone else tried it on and left deodorant stains.

8. Accidentally slipping while trying to hover in a Porta-Potty.

9. Having your period and worrying that the TSS will kill you.

10. Going to work only to find out that your panty line is completely visible and there's nothing you can do about it.

11. Walking out in a really cute skirt, and having the wind destroy everything that's good in your world.

12. When an unexpected hookup happens, and as you're about to undress, you realize that you haven't shaved in weeks.

13. Farting (or worse(?), queefing) during sex.

14. Having to relegate yet another pair of undies to the period underwear section of your drawer.

15. Chin hairs.

16. Accidentally farting in the middle of a yoga class.

17. When a skirt is shorter than expected, and you worry that when you sit everyone will see everything.

18. When you go to get your car fixed, and you have to worry about whether or not the mechanic is trying to rip you off because you're a woman.

19. When your period is late and you immediately assume you're pregnant, even if it is literally impossible.

20. When you accidentally put on a bra that's just a littttttle too small, and you get the four-boob effect.

21. Having to go to the gynecologist, in general.

22. When you're wearing a skirt, and it accidentally gets tucked into your underwear and, well, everything.

23. Just the idea of having to suffer through a UTI or yeast infection.

24. Static cling.

25. When you're just having a casual conversation, and someone drops this phrase: "Your clock is ticking."

26. When you're getting a mani/pedi and worry about getting a fungus infection the whole time.

27. When you try something on in a dressing room and it's laughably small, and you get stuck and fear that you will stay that way forever.

28. Going to the bathroom, and accidentally making eye contact with someone in a stall.

29. Or when you go to the bathroom and realize far too late that there's no more toilet paper left.