29 Things People At Comic-Con Love

Like that moment right after you’ve picked up your badge, and the hellish line was totally worth it.

1. Getting pumped on the road trip down to the Con.

2. The moment after you finally pick up your badge.

Tastes like FREEDOM.

3. Being in a place where everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is geeked out.

4. Trying to correctly guess what other people’s obscure outfits are from.

Erin La Rosa

I’ll give you a hint on these: They’re from a web comic series!

5. Watching San Diego — the biggest bro city in California — turn into Nerd Town USA.

Erin La Rosa

6. Game of Thrones anything, basically.

Erin La Rosa

7. The unadulterated joy of getting housing when no one else can.

Especially when that housing gets taken over by Spider-Man.

8. Visiting all of the tricked out pop-up parties.

Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers? Yes, you may bite me now.

9. Pouring through this guide, and discovering a panel you didn’t see before.

“Law and the Zombie Apocalypse,” anyone?

10. Watching all of the badass tweens totally upstage everyone.

Erin La Rosa


11. Picking out a pair of comfy shoes to wear on the Con floor. (AKA Vans)

Erin La Rosa

Hey, you need comfy kicks at the Con. I get it.

12. Posing for glorious pics, in general.

13. Getting to see all of the epic homemade costumes.

And knowing that you can’t possibly see them all.

14. Knowing that you’re breathing the same air as the people you write fanfic about.

15. Being at an event where cosplay is highly encouraged.

16. Finalizing your very own panel schedule.

And sharing the excitement with friends!

17. Checking out all of the booth merch, and pretending like you might have the cash to buy some.


19. Accidentally being at a booth just in time to score their free swag.

20. Geek love, and massive amounts of PDA!

21. People who bring surge protectors.

22. The love/hate relationship that is Hall H.

23. And actually getting into a panel in Hall H for which you’ve been waiting 8 hours.

(Or for which you camped out all night.)

24. Pets who are closeted geeks.

25. Pedicabs, so someone else can drag your sore feet to the parties.

26. All of the free food and drinks, because it’s FREE.

I don’t LIKE 5-hour energy drinks, but I’m not above a free sample!

27. Awesome surprise panel guests!

28. Getting a seat on The Trolley.

Angela Carone / KPBS

Especially if Yoda’s riding with you.

29. And most of all, being in a place where you can completely geek out.

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