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For Every Woman In A Serious Relationship With Wine

It's a lifestyle choice.

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1. You have goals that are entirely related to wine.

chitown_diva / Via

2. And there's a place for people who don't drink with you, it's called "The Trash."

bringthewine / Disney / Via

3. For whatever reason, other people just don't seem to get that your love for wine is endless.

bringthewine / NBC / Via

4. But the truth is you're a better person when you have a full glass, in general.

lifeofdeebee / Via

5. You know this is one of the worst things that can happen to a person:

xxsteph_mariexx / Via

6. But you've figured out ways to get around that bad shit.

lw886 / Via

7. You've definitely burned some serious calories with wine.

womenwholovewine / BuzzFeed / Via

8. And every time you try to be "good" and "not drink," the pull of wine is just too strong.

bringthewine / Brownstone Productions (II) / Via

9. Wine has a way of making you feel fancier than you actually are.

wine_slayers / Via

10. And it brings out your true self, even when you don't want it to.

brittanylouisa23 / Via

11. You've invested a small fortune in all of the wine you drink. And you're OK with that.

officialwinelovers / AMC / Via Instagram: @officialwinelovers

12. It's only when someone questions your love of wine that you truly get rattled.

cristienorman_somm / Via

13. You have your own special routine when it comes to drinking wine.

officialwinelovers / E! / Via

14. Mainly because wine has been your longest relationship thus far, and that counts for something.

cristienorman_somm / NBC / Via

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