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22 Things Only People With OCD Will Understand

Please just leave me alone while I obsessively wash my hands for the next half hour.

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10. Superstitions? Yes, you know all about those, because you obsessively follow them to a tee.

And you know that if you don't follow the rules of that superstition, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. (Personally, I am very superstitious about jewelry. I have been thinking about the fact that I left my lucky necklace at home all morning. Pray for me.)


15. Whenever you tell someone about your OCD, you constantly worry that they'll think you're a total weirdo.

Which is a shame, because you'll be obsessively thinking about what they're thinking for the rest of your life.


18. You become consumed with repeatedly checking things, something that you logically know is ridiculous.

So, to soothe that anxiety, you...compulsively obsess about something that you logically know is ridiculous.


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