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19 Problems All Pale Girls Know When Summer Rolls Around

BRB, going outside with my bestie SPF 100.

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4. And you spent a good portion of each day just applying sunscreen.

comics / Via Instagram: @comics

10. You discovered creative ways to wear less clothing while still being mostly covered up.

camembert___ / Via

If you show your legs but wear a sweater, then you're basically in your summer clothes.


12. And even though you always bought the makeup with SPF, you knew that wasn't going to last long.

chayamua / Via Instagram: @chayamua

Just when you thought you could avoid sunscreen... Nope.

19. But honestly, you know you're not getting wrinkles anytime soon, so it's all pretty much worth it.

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ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. And no, I'm not talking about your pale-skin glow this time.


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