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19 Problems All Pale Girls Know When Summer Rolls Around

BRB, going outside with my bestie SPF 100.

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For most people, living somewhere sunny means every day is a beach day.

It's all bikinis, being outside, and living the fucking DREAM.

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1. But when you're pale and there's sun, it means you're covered up at. all. times.

arabdeath / Via

2. And when you did flaunt some skin, you had to warn people to avert their eyes from your pale ~glow.~

Do you have sunglasses?! Get them on!
Loryn Brantz / Via

Do you have sunglasses?! Get them on!

3. Going to the beach also meant that you'd likely be the only one without a tan for a few miles.

One of these (you) doesn't look like the other.
kelseydelene / Via

One of these (you) doesn't look like the other.

4. And you spent a good portion of each day just applying sunscreen.

comics / Via Instagram: @comics

5. In fact, it often felt like your whole day was spent applying, then reapplying, and reapplying again.

Fox / Via

6. And even when you did think you'd applied enough, you somehow always missed a spot.

Or two, or three...
izzytug / Via

Or two, or three...

7. It wasn't just the beach, though, because going outside was a harrowing endeavor in general.

Warner Bros. / Via

8. Because you had to carry a damn weaponry of hats, parasols, and cover-ups to make sure you didn't get burned.

Living that #paledream.
steph_arizona / Via

Living that #paledream.

9. There were times when you'd think, Yeah, I'll go outside! — but then you'd quickly find the nearest shade.

Mistakes were made.
collinsizzy / Via

Mistakes were made.

10. You discovered creative ways to wear less clothing while still being mostly covered up.

If you show your legs but wear a sweater, then you're basically in your summer clothes.
camembert___ / Via

If you show your legs but wear a sweater, then you're basically in your summer clothes.

11. Because you knew if any skin WAS showing, you'd have to cover it up in some other way.

hannahvictorialocker / Via

12. And even though you always bought the makeup with SPF, you knew that wasn't going to last long.

chayamua / Via Instagram: @chayamua

Just when you thought you could avoid sunscreen... Nope.

13. Your purse always had one or two of these babes in it.

wickedwitch_ofthe_midwest / Via

14. And when you'd meet some tan person who used an actual tanning bed, your brain nearly exploded.

You do WHAT for WHAT?
Comedy Central

You do WHAT for WHAT?

15. Even if you wanted to, you could never forget to cover up.

emilylutz2010 / Via

16. And photos were always a problem, in general.

cupcake_cartel714 / Via

17. There were definitely times when you wished you weren't so damn pale.

Disney / Via

18. And you got teased pretty regularly for your lack of a tan...

Paramount Pictures

19. But honestly, you know you're not getting wrinkles anytime soon, so it's all pretty much worth it.

Sony Pictures

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. And no, I'm not talking about your pale-skin glow this time.

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