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16 Truths About Making A New Year's Resolution

The resolutions start...not today.

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1. On why you're making a resolution in the first place: / Via TLC

2. When you're more determined than you've maybe ever been: / Via EuropaCorp

3. When you give yourself a little cushion time: / Via Robert Wise Productions

4. When you start your resolution:

5. And when you're a week into your resolution:

6. When you start to count everything toward your goals:

7. The problem with trying to say goodbye:

8. What you want versus what might actually happen:

9. When no one is able to help you achieve your goals:

10. When you start to weigh your options:

11. This truth:

12. When you slip up: / Via Fox Searchlight Pictures

13. When you keep pushing off the start date:

14. When you start to question your decisions: / Via KoMut Entertainment

15. When all you can think about is the thing you promised not to do anymore:

16. And when you stick to your resolution, because you know you're worth it:

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