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22 Things All People Who Procrastinate Know To Be True

This took me a long time.

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1. You aren't totally sure why you procrastinate so much, but you've tried to sort that out several times.

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Nope, still nothing.

2. People often tell you to "Just stop putting things off," or "Focus," which is like... LOL.


3. Or they want to give you advice, like, "Turn off your internet!" So you can be more productive. / Via

And yes, I already know this. Thank you.

4. It's not that you don't want to call your parents, but other things just keep getting in the way.

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5. Making big plans, like buying plane tickets or picking a dentist, often fills you with dread, which makes you procrastinate.

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Oh, I have to make a super important decision that will affect the rest of my life? OK, I'll do that later.

6. And sometimes you get so fixated on everything being perfect that you never get around to actually doing the damn thing.

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7. Or so worried about what other people will think that you just avoid doing it altogether.

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8. You've read articles on how to stop procrastinating. Or thought to look at them. But it doesn't really help.

9. And you've actually TRIED various methods to stop procrastinating.

Turn phone OFF. Step AWAY from the kitchen. No TV until everything is complete... Nope. Didn't work.

Turn phone OFF. Step AWAY from the kitchen. No TV until everything is complete... Nope. Didn't work.

10. But the truth is that procrastination isn't something you can just easily fix.

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It's not just going to go away because I'm in a room without wifi, sadly.

11. Because every time you get around to FINALLY responding to all those emails...

12. Something gets in the way of actually finishing it.

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You need to text your friend back. The cat needs food. Your room is so dirty. Wait, you should go for a run first and THEN get down to business. YOP. Right after this episode of Love It Or List It.

13. Sometimes the anxiety of knowing you have a lot to do actually makes you procrastinate more.

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14. Knowing that there's always a tomorrow means that you won't be cleaning now, it will get done "tomorrow."

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15. You often feel really guilty when other people around you are getting shit done, and you just can't.

16. But when you do FINALLY get around to getting shit done, YOU GET THAT SHIT DONE.

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Sure, it's at the last possible moment, but that's nothing.

17. And you're filled with a kind of satisfaction that makes you think, "OK, YES, I CAN DO THIS AGAIN."

18. Even if you end up rushing, because you tend to do things at the very last possible moment.

No one will notice I forgot to spell-check, right?

No one will notice I forgot to spell-check, right?

19. But then why you decide that it's time to finally organize your bookshelves, you remember how many other things you have to do first.

20. There is an unmistakable bliss that comes from just ignoring all of your responsibilities.

21. But there inevitably comes a point where you absolutely can no longer avoid getting shit done.

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It is terrifying.

22. Eventually, you get things done. It just takes you a bit longer than other people.

And that is totally OK, tbh.

And that is totally OK, tbh.

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