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    These Paint Colors Being Mixed Are Oddly Soothing

    Swirly, whirly, and delightful.

    Some days you just need something simple and beautiful to stare at and take your mind off things.

    It just makes you feel supremely calm and happy to see something so pretty being brought to life.

    Sweet sassy molassey, that's stunning.

    OooOOOoooo look at those colors mixing and swirling together so effortlessly!

    Just take a deep breath and enjoy, my babes.

    Kinda makes you want to just dip a finger in there and help mix all of the colors together, right?

    How do you feel after watching this silver swirl blend together with that gorgeous blue?

    Yeah, that was pretty good for me too. Thanks to @ArtMixing and @imDanime for having all of these great videos.