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    17 Solutions That Were Too Good To Be True

    There's not much duct tape won't fix, tbh.

    1. When a hole in a sock was NBD.

    2. When the swing set of your dreams was just a grocery store away.

    3. When these makeshift flip-flops were crafted.

    4. When a bowl just wouldn’t do.

    5. When an extra trash can was needed.!!!!-1g9jdj3vz

    6. When this person couldn't get the rice on their chopsticks.

    7. And when this other person simply had no chopsticks.

    8. When these cookies needed to be baked ASAP.

    9. When this person didn’t want to have any TV interruptions.

    10. When this leftover pizza was made brand-new again.

    11. When a little Wite-Out solved everything.

    12. When the solution to toasted s’mores was in the toolshed.

    13. When the remote would never get lost again.

    14. When the side mirror got a makeover.

    15. When this guy made sure he wouldn't be left out of the hat game.

    16. When this road was saved by a tape miracle.

    17. And when this chocolate pudding needed a mixer.

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