The Ultimate Ranking Of The Hottest Superman Stars

    In general, being Superman means that you're also super duper hot. Can you guess who number one is?!

    12. David Wilson

    11. Bob Holiday

    10. Superman, from the animated series

    9. Kirk Alyn

    8. John Haymes Newton

    7. Gerard Christopher

    6. Brandon Routh

    5. George Reeves

    4. Tom Welling

    3. Dean Cain

    See what I mean about him and the glasses? Doesn't hurt that he looks great shirtless...

    Hold me, Superman! I mean... Lois. Hold Lois.

    2. Henry Cavill

    Did I mention how he's also cut, like, from Kryptonian marble?

    Oh, and if this is what journalists at the Daily Planet look like, then we all need to move to Metropolis.

    1. Christopher Reeve

    Did I mention he looks even hotter with glasses?

    OK, yeah, Reeve is definitely the ultimate in Superman hotness.

    Kryptonite hotness level: 10 x Infinity