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    The Ultimate Guide To Dating, As Told By "The Room"

    The cult classic film celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. To ring it in properly, here's a dating guide inspired by the writer, director, and star of the film: Tommy Wiseau.

    1. It's hard enough to stand out while dating, so make sure to give yourself an epic name.

    Like Tommy Wiseau, which is French-Armenian-Irish for, "The Greek God of Love."

    2. Carry around something all-American, yet sexy, to show you're a patriot who's DTF.

    Patriotism is sooo hot right now.

    3. Women like men who are thoughtful, so look off into the distance to suggest you're thinking about something deep, like spoon art.

    Women love spoon art.

    4. Make it known that you're the kind of guy who gives 110%.

    5. Calling her a princess doesn't hurt either.

    6. Treat your girl-princess right and buy her a stunning spaghetti strap red dress.

    7. And a little aphrodisiac, like choc-OOOO-late.

    8. Or a dozen red roses from that flower shop with the pug who sits on the counter.

    9. Give enough signals so that even a man as dense as Mark can take the hint.

    10. Before having sex, pillow fight with a younger neighborhood kid.

    11. And laugh it off when things take a turn for the creepy.

    12. Set the mood with red candles to match that sexy red dress.

    13. Dance. Slowly. Yes, that IS IT.

    14. Let your lady love struggle while trying to remove your shirt, so she knows you've still got the upper hand.

    15. But take off your own pants, LIKE A BOSS.

    16. Sheer canopy the fuck out of your bedroom. Just make it RAIN GAUZY.

    17. When you finally bone, make it special by staying under the white sheets.

    18. But when you get out of bed, let you ass flag FLY.

    19. If all of that doesn't work, start drinking a mixture of rose and vodka.

    20. Get totally blackout drunk...

    21. And let your princess use your tie as a chic head sash.

    All while continuing to drink, like a fish.

    22. Look, dating is really tough, because chances are that the chick you just boned is gonna cheat with your BFF Mark.

    23. But keep searching for that someone special who can keep their red dress on, because as Tommy so deftly puts it:

    Love IS blind, but not so blind that I can't understand my feelings for you: TOO MANY TO HANDLE.