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Posted on Jan 30, 2014

The 13 Types Of Best Friends You'll Have In Your Life

Yes, you can have more than one best friend. But you'll always have a number one bestie, of course.

1. Your childhood BFF.

2. Your high school BFF.

Basically the best thing to come out of high school will be your high school BFF. I mean, sure, getting a solid education is cool too... But how would you have even survived all those classes without knowing that you'd have your bestie to sit with at lunch?! The high school BFF is also privy to a lot of firsts: first crush, first kiss, first humiliating moment at a dance — they end up knowing each and every one of your dirty secrets, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

3. The kid next door.

This is a friend you make out of sheer proximity, and they're awesome, because when you need someone to hang with, all you have to do is knock. Your parents probably got used to having them over for dinners a lot, and vice versa.

4. Your college BFF.


Granted, your college BFF may also be the same person you had as a BFF in high school. But more often than not, you've met a lot of new people, and one of those new people will be the person you're closest with in college. You'll go to parties together, talk about dating, pick each other up when you're going through the tough stuff, and probably live together at some point. Hell, I traveled abroad with my college BFF!

The college BFF is the person who helps you figure out who you're going to be when you get out of college, and they're special because they end up seeing you change a whole lot throughout those four years.

5. Your work BFF. / Via CBS

This is a super-important relationship, because when you're having a bad day at work, they will be the only ones who will keep you sane. You'll eat lunch with them, IM about all of the idiotic things your coworkers do, and basically keep each other company at any and all work functions. Bow down to the work BFF, because this is a most sacred bond.

6. Your parents.

Your friendship with your parents will come in ebbs and flows. There will be times when you adore them so much that you think your heart will burst, and other times where you legit scream, "I hate you!" and then promptly lock your bedroom door.

Hopefully, there are more adoring times than bad, but chances are, when you reach a certain age, you're just insanely happy to have each other.

7. Your siblings.

Or if you don't have siblings, they were likely your cousins. But either way, your siblings will inevitably rise to BFF status at some point. They're right there when you're doing the embarrassing family photos, and they know all about drunk Uncle Carl and that time he took off his shirt at Thanksgiving dinner. Siblings are pretty much forced to love you, and vice versa, but they're also the ones who will tell you exactly how it is.

8. Your twentysomething BFF. / Via NBC

Good golly, this BFF has seen you through some things. Like that time you decided to quit your first job, and when you moved in with a S.O., and basically every time you needed to weep, because your twenties are just insane. You got wine drunk with them, cried to them, and most certainly texted them late at night when you were bored and needed a funny distraction. The BFF you make in your twenties will be a bestie for life, because if you can survive all of those life changes together, you will survive anything.

9. Your powerhouse BFF. / Via FX

Oh, the wonderful thing that is your powerhouse BFF. This is the best friend you have because you both have the same career goals, are on similar paths, and basically have helped to pull each other up to the point where you're at now. You may have met them at a job, or out in the real world, and chances are that you both have the same opinions about everyone and everything. This is the start of a very beautiful relationship.

10. Your long-distance BFF.

11. Your furry BFF.

There may be several of these, because why have one furry BFF when you can have many? They are your pets — cat, dog, or otherwise. And they are truly adorable.

12. Your significant other.

Flickr: solapenna

People always say that you should end up with your best friend, and they're not wrong. Your significant other should be your cheerleader, the person you can cuddle with, and also the one who is with you for better and for worse. The fact that they're one of your best friends will help to make the rest of your lives much happier.

13. Your number one best friend forever and ever!

NBC / Via Golden Globe Awards

You'll have a lot of different types of best friends, but this friend trumps them all. It could be that one of the types of best friends above is also your number one BFF, and that is fantastic.

They are the person you call in a crisis or when something amazing happens. They understand what you're going through with just a simple look, and you can basically say anything to them without fear of losing them. This BFF is basically like family to you, and they feel the same way.

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