The 16 Stages Of Canceling Plans

    I have to wash my eyelashes tonight ... Sorry!

    Stage 1: Remember that there might be a thing you have to do, when you'd rather be doing nothing.

    Stage 2: Decide not to bring it up, because maybe they'll forget, or something wonderful like that.

    Stage 3: The unthinkable happens — they email to check if you're still on for tonight.

    Stage 4: Shiiiiiiiit.

    Stage 5: Waffle back and forth on what to do for roughly an hour.

    Stage 6: Make the executive decision that there is no way, no how, that you're going out.

    Stage 7: Complete and utter dread over the conversation you'll need to have.

    Stage 8: Brainstorm excuses for why you can't go, like you need to eat ...

    Or you accidentally fell into the bowels of hell, and can't be rescued...

    Or maybe you just really need to get to a hospital...

    Stage 9: Settle on the excuse that no one can ever, ever fight you on...

    Stage 10: Apologize profusely after sending the excuse.

    Stage 11: Then you wait, and wait, and wait until you wanna throw up, for their response.

    Stage 12: After countless minutes — that feel like hours — they respond.

    Stage 13: Take off your pants, sailor, because someone's staying in tonight!

    Stage 14: Let the wave of happiness rush over you.

    Because the truth is, canceling plans is amazing.

    Stage 15: Enjoy a lovely, quiet evening of bliss in the joy of your own company.

    Stage 16: Then you go to sleep, happy with all of your life choices ...

    Until you realize you have plans tomorrow. (!!!)