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    The Most Ridiculous Moments From The "Gettin Jiggy With It" Video

    If we've learned anything from Will Smith's career, it's that there's nothing this Renaissance man can't do. Including wearing a crushed velvet suit.

    Some background:

    "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" might be one of Will Smith's greatest accomplishments. It was a single released in 1998 off of his Big Willie Style album and it won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.

    A grammy. It won a grammy. That is all.

    1. Remember when Will wore this puffy robin's egg blue tracksuit?

    2. Then he showed us how to get jiggy with it?

    3. Then Will sang some lyrics in pig latin?

    Translation: Will the man on the dance floor.

    4. While wearing this crushed velvet suit?

    5. And he was joined by two aliens from the future and he could barely handle it?

    6. Then the chorus played and it was basically just this.

    7. Remember how, after that, Will got jiggy while dressed as a Pharaoh and carrying a mini version of himself*?

    *We photoshopped that in, but it would've been awesome.

    8. And these friends of Will's showed up shirtless to watch the action?

    Especially this guy, who was super focused on Will.

    9. Remember how he got totally sick of ancient Egypt and flew to Hawaii, where he wore this fab floral number?

    10. And he had more shirtless man friends there, including this polynesian man in a large brown paper skirt.

    11. And one of the backup dancers got super close to the screen.

    12. Remember how Will then went to New York City in an all-white suit?! So cool.

    13. And this special man was so impressed that he decided to get Jiggy too.

    14. As was this hot Indian lady.

    15. Remember when you learned that rapper Nas wrote* this song and took his name off the credits?

    *We didn't make this up, but it is a well known rumor.

    And because everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying this video in full...

    View this video on YouTube

    You're welcome.

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