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    Jul 21, 2013

    20 Badass Zombie Sightings At Comic-Con

    The zombie apocalypse is officially here, and it's bloody beautiful.

    1. Batman and Robin, the zombie slave edition.

    2. These zombie girls who prove a little blood is the best accessory for all-white outfits.

    Erin La Rosa

    3. These zombies who just broke out of prison.

    They were last seen at The Walking Dead booth. Proceed with extreme caution!

    4. This zombie who just found his lunch.

    5. This unnervingly spot on cosplay of Warm Bodies.

    Nicholas Hoult, is that you!?

    6. This Walking Dead group who are about to end this walkers reign.

    Sorry, hoss, tough luck!

    7. This walker who's just figuring out the best moment to eat his parole officer.

    8. This zombie taking a selfie.

    9. This couple who both woke up from a nap and need a snack.

    10. This street walker who kills anyone who jaywalks.

    11. This zombie prisoner, and the sign next to his head.

    12. This zombie girl who is totally going to bite her friend if she tries to use that bat.

    13. These zombies who are about to turn Wonder Woman into Walker Woman.

    14. The slave Michonne has dutifully trailing behind her.

    15. These zombie rednecks who are kickin' it, backwoods style.

    16. The undead version of Wolverine and Captain America.

    17. This group of walkers who just want to grab a quick bite from a street vendor.

    18. The zombie who just wanted to hug it out.

    19. This vet and his brain-hungry zombie pet.

    20. This happy zombie family just taking a trip to the grocery store.

    What aisle are the brains in?