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The Most Important TV Couples From The '90s

Let's be honest, you still miss watching these romances play out.

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20. Lois and Clark in... "Lois & Clark"

What's better than watching a Superman movie? How about watching Superman every week while he pines over his hot reporter counterpart and deals with massive identity issues? Yeah, that's better.

19. Daria and Trent on "Daria"

Nothing much came to be in this relationship, aside from a lot of blushing and pecks on the cheek. But it was still pretty gripping for any nerds, like me, watching and hoping to find our own Trent. <3

18. Uncle Jesse and Rebecca from "Full House"

Have mercy! Rebecca was the only woman who could truly tame this music man-turned-uncle. And ya gotta give the girl props for moving into that oddly spacious San Francisco house with the whole family...


17. Roseanne and Dan Conner from "Roseanne"

Roseanne definitely wore the pants in this relationship, and Dan was clever enough to let her! Aside from the fact that they constantly made each other laugh, they also hit some rough patches (especially after that bizarre lottery win). All along the way though, it was clear that Dan and Roseanne simply belonged together.

16. Darlene and David from "Roseanne"

Was there anything cuter than watching David follow Darlene around like a devoted puppy? Or Darlene's caustic attitude being tempered by David's gentle, curly-haired soul? The answer is no, there was nothing cuter.

15. Mulder and Scully from "The X-Files"

This was a relationship built on the simultaneous belief and disbelief in alien life. While Mulder was mostly convinced that there were government conspiracies to cover the existence of extraterrestrials, Scully was always his skeptical counterpart. To add to their supernatural cuteness, Mulder was incredibly overprotective of Scully, and adorably so.


13. Dylan and Brenda on "90210"

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Dylan and Brenda were extremely confusing. He's a bad boy, she's a good-ish girl. Yet, somehow, they occasionally made it work and it was amazing.

10. Doug and Carol on "ER"

While ER did a solid job of stringing us along in this relationship and ripping out our hearts, they gave us a super satisfying ending for Doug and Carol. (Hint: They lived happily ever after and we loved it!)


9. Felicity and Ben from "Felicity"

Oh, poor Felicity. She moves to the same university to be with Ben, who she's loved since high school, and then he dumps her when she gets an edgy haircut. So tragic, yet so gripping.

8. Ally and Larry in "Ally McBeal"

Larry's unexpected departure from Ally's life was one of the most traumatic TV experiences that could happen in my young life. It's also when I learned that it's important to stay off the drugs.

6. Cory and Topanga in "Boy Meets World"

First love was never sweeter than watching Cory endlessly vie for Topanga's affections. She was the smart, sassy, hot chick, and he was the goofy yet endearing guy she couldn't resist. So many awww's on this show.


5. Angela and Jordan from "My So Called Life"

Angst! So much angst, you guys! Oh, how I desperately wanted Jordan to stop being such a druggie and make an honest woman out of Angela. But that's the thing about bad boys, they are bad! So deliciously bad...

4. Buffy and Angel on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Ah, the forbidden love between a mortal and a vampire! It's the stuff of all great modern romances. (Looking at you, Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries.)

1. Pacey and Joey on "Dawson's Creek"

This relationship was flawed, in that Joey and Pacey essentially stab Dawson in the back by being together. But at the same time, it made total sense. Did I mention that time that Joey lost her virginity to Pacey also changed my life?