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The 16 Most Epic Faces Jennifer Lawrence Made On Oscar Night

This lady's face has range! And we could all learn a thing or two from it.

1. The "I Should've Pre-Gamed" Face

2. "I Don't Remember Your Name" Face

3. The "Winning!" Face

4. The "I'll Fake Laugh at Your Awful Jokes, Seth" Face

5. The "She Doesn't Even Go Here!" Face

6. The "Is That Bitch Wearing the Same Dress as Me?!" Face

7. The "Don't Fuck This Up" Face

8. The "My Blood Sugar Is Getting Dangerously Low" Face

9. The "You're Lucky to Be Breathing My Air" Face

10. The "Oh Shit, I Thought You Were Dead, but You're Not!" Face

11. The "This Is The Guy I Want to Set You Up With!!!" Face

12. The "I Thought You Needed Talent to Get in Here?" Face

13. "SOON."

14. The "Who? Me?!" Face

And the Fall Before...

15. "That's Going To Be An Epic GIF"

16. "But I Don't Care, Because I Just Won Best Actress!!!"