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    Posted on Feb 27, 2013

    The DO's And DONT's Of Law School, According To "Legally Blonde"

    Make sure to read this very closely before you start studying for the LSATs!

    DO: Make an amazing first impression by matching your chihuahua to your leather pink outfit.

    I'd hire Bruiser to rep me any day!

    DON'T: Forget an extra dose of enthusiasm whenever confronted with authority figures who can determine your fate.

    Smiles go a long way, folks.

    DO: Act like a boss whenever possible.

    DON'T: Forget to be prepared the first day of class.

    If you aren't giving it your all from the start, nasty Harvard professors will devour you whole.

    DO: Remember to keep up with your...

    Along with all that studying, or whatever.

    DON'T: Try to pass your last season court apparel off as anything other than ridiculous.

    Your case will always be dismissed.

    DO: Comment on your bitchy classmates' bowel movements when necessary.

    To put them in their place, of course.

    DON'T: Forget your spirituality just because you're some fancy law student now.

    DO: Get a bitchy bob and practice your judgmental face, so you can shoot it at unsuspecting classmates.

    DON'T: Be afraid to have controversial answers to serious questions.

    DO: Listen to sage advice from professors with great hair.

    Seriously, Prof. Stromwell, that 'do is terrifyingly fierce.

    DON'T: Try to conform to the lawyer everyone thinks you should be.

    Go and do you, boo.

    DO: Turn bunny ears into bunny realizations, and kick hot messes to the curb.

    DON'T: Always judge people right away. Even if they're totally bitchy, stole your ex boyfriend, and tricked you into wearing a Playboy bunny outfit to a party.

    DO: Prove your points with enthusiasm and a pop of red lip.

    DON'T: Forget to buy a StairMaster for your room.

    DO: Feel free to make this face anytime someone makes a nonsensical comment.

    DON'T: Be afraid to shake your head when someone is totally wrong and you're right.

    DO: Gape in horror at anyone whose real name is "Vivian Kensington."

    DON'T: Be shy about letting your fellow students know that you are 100 percent winning, and they are huge losers.

    DO: Stand out from the typical law school crowd by rocking colors outside the autumn palette.

    DON'T: Forget what the bible* taught you.

    *Cosmopolitan magazine.

    And if all else fails, repeat these words to yourself...

    Or, ya know, just remember that "Legally Blonde" is a movie, and not what law school is like at all.

    But we still love you, Elle!

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