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    Is This The Cutest Game Of Peekaboo Ever?

    This is going to make your day more adorable.

    Peekaboo, I see...


    Flickr: 1967chevrolet / Via Creative Commons


    Flickr: alumroot / Via Creative Commons

    Don't worry, this totally isn't another peekaboo.


    Flickr: mikeyphillips / Via Creative Commons


    Flickr: kevinlin1013 / Via Creative Commons


    Flickr: kumasawa / Via Creative Commons

    OK, this isn't another peekaboo.

    OK, seriously, no more peekaboos...

    Just a little tiny case of the PEEKABOO.

    I'll give you one hint as to what this next one is: it rhymes with "seekaloo."

    And just one more peekaboo... then my work is done here:

    You're welcome, everyone.

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