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    The "Full House" Home Is For Sale And Going For $4 Million

    It's just a measly $4.15 million...have mercy.

    We all know that iconic Full House intro... 🎵 ahhh ah ahh ahhhhhh 🎵

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    Now Fuller House, of course!

    ...And how could anyone forget the front of the home where all the Tanners lived?!

    Jeff Franklin Productions

    Plus Uncle Joey, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Rebecca, and well...a lot of people lived in this house!

    Well, now the Full House home is for sale, and it can be all yours for a cool $4.15 million.

    It looks a bit different from when the show first aired in 1987: no red door, and the owners swapped out the light gray exterior for a darker purple.

    And if you're hoping for the same interiors as Full House had, you're out of luck: The show only used the exterior of the home. The interior is totally different.

    Full House shot on a set in Burbank, California, whereas the home at 1709 Broderick Street, San Francisco, was built in 1883, and is an example of Italianate, Victorian architecture. (i.e. you won't find that checker-pattern couch, sadly.)

    Whoever buys this home: Please invite me over!

    Jeff Franklin Productions

    And cue theme song...

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