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    The 8 Types Of "Mad Men" Fan Art

    Break out the scotch, because you'll have a hard time topping these.

    1. Hand spun and romantic.

    This felt Don Draper is just $19 a pop. That's a deal, even by 1960s standards!

    Keep Don close to your heart with this brooch!

    Or tell people that you may have some issues with this crocheted sign.

    A cat who loves Mad Men? Seems legit.

    A knit collection of the cast. That is all.

    More hand stitched magic!

    2. Filled with sexual undertones.

    Behold the sex eyes.

    This gray fox.

    Harry really looks prime in this fur, no?

    3. Suggesting a different show all together.

    Super Mad Men, anyone?

    Honey, I Shrunk the Mad Men!

    Don and the Whale.

    Who's going to play Batman...?!

    4. Fans who like to play games.

    The Dungeons & Dragons edition.

    5. Thought provoking.

    Pete is a monster. Or a robot. Either way, agreed.

    Seeing Cooper smile is like watching a unicorn fly over a rainbow.

    Too true.

    6. Homages to awkward "Mad Men" moments.


    Even more awkward.

    Awkward because it's true.

    7. Chart art!

    Bless that intoxicants column.

    A who's who of sleeping around.

    8. Truthful and, at times, painfully so.

    Now available in low fat!

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