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    The 6 Most Badass Faces From The New "Game Of Thrones" Photos

    Here's a guide of how to nail these looks, because season three is going to be epic.

    New photos from season three of Game of Thrones have been released and, needless to say, there's a lot of distant glances and forlorn looks being thrown around.

    To prep for the March 31 premiere, we've got the ultimate guide to replicating the faces from the new photos below. (Make sure to share photos of yourself nailing these if you've got 'em!)

    1. The "We're going to need a bigger Night's Watch" face

    2. The "Oh, you think I drink too much? Is that right?" face

    3. The "Jon Snow L'Oreal" face, because he's worth the wait

    4. The "Are you still talking?" face

    5. The "I told you boy, I'm not a southerner" face

    6. The "I'm a golden god!!!" face