The 40 Most Amazing Examples Of Coffee Foam Art

One of the perks of visiting your local coffee shops!

1. The cup ‘o’ kitty


2. A piping cup ‘o’ Jane from “Daria”

Or just a lady, but we like to think this is Jane.

3. Two cups ‘o’ the bear necessities

4. Or one cup ‘o’ the bear-lion breed

5. The curious cup ‘o’ Totoro

Looks kinda like a fox, too. Just saying.

6. A cup ‘o’ “Alice in Wonderland”

Better known as Kiki, from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

7. A green cup ‘o’ ladies with long eyelashes

8. A cup ‘o’ monkeying around

9. A fiery cup ‘o’ devilry

Actually, you may not want to drink this one.

10. A pair ‘o’ swirly, whirly fun times

11. A cup ‘o’ floral flourish

12. A cup ‘o’ intergalactic travel in a mug

Much cheaper than signing up for space camp.

13. A burst ‘o’ swirls and garnish

14. A cup ‘o’ Christmas

Santa brought it just for you!

16. A cup ‘o’ sailing off into the sunset

Romance you can taste.

17. A cup ‘o’ Jack from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Much like a cloud, you’ll see what you want to see in the foam.

18. Spotted: cup ‘o’ giraffe

19. A cup ‘o’ striped perfection

20. A cup ‘o’ fishy photobomb

21. A cup ‘o’ a guy who looks like he’s about to sneeze

22. A cup ‘o’ zombie terror

23. A colorful cup ‘o’ petals, for one

24. A cup ‘o’ hipster

25. A crowning glory of a cup

26. Hats off to this cup ‘o’ delight

27. Caught: A cup ‘o’ mouse mischief

28. A cup ‘o’ naptime

29. A rose by any other cup would taste as sweet

30. A cup ‘o’ Francophilia

31. A cup ‘o’ hipster ‘stache

32. A cup ‘o’ magic

33. A cup ‘o’ cat bouffant

34. A fabulous cup ‘o’ this

35. An eight armed cup ‘o’ flying spaghetti monster

36. “I am your father and this is a cup ‘o’ me”

37. A bunny cup ‘o’ cute

38. A very angry cup, indeed

39. A cup ‘o’ 2012

40. Now imagine drinking a cup ‘o’ John Lennon

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