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29 Hottest TV Sex Scenes Of 2014, Ranked From Worst To Best

There was a lot of shower sex in 2014. Not complaining, just saying!

29. Claire, Frank, and Meechum, House of Cards

28. Rachel and Paul, Orphan Black

When it happened: Season 2, Episode 5, "Ipsa Scientia Potestas"

What made it hot: In a lot of ways, this sex is satisfying solely for Rachel, who goes all dominatrix and uses Paul as her sex robot. While we, as viewers, are forced to watch and pray for Paul.

27. Meredith and Derek, Grey's Anatomy

When it happened: Season 11, Episode 6, "Don't Let's Start"

What made it hot: At one point Meredith looks pained at what appears to be soap in her eyes mid-coitus. So, OK, this is not a totally sexy scene, and may actually support the idea that shower sex should only be reserved for your ~fantasy~ life. Still, it was a SOLID minute of sexy times, and that should count for something.

26. Hannibal, Alana, and Will Graham, Hannibal

When it happened: Season 2, Episode 10, "Naka-Choko"

What made it hot: Apparently it's hard to make threesomes hot on TV, and Alana was really just an accessory to what was truly Hannibal and Will having sex. It was strange, and beautiful, and I just hope Bryan Fuller makes it happen again. ::: prays to the Fuller gods :::

25. Ali and Derek, Transparent

24. Nichols and her ~Mystery Lady~, Orange Is the New Black

23. Betty and Helen, Masters of Sex

22. Detective Marty Hart and Lisa, True Detective

21. Danny and Mindy on The Mindy Project

20. Wes and Rebecca, How to Get Away With Murder

19. Mellie and Andrew, Scandal

18. Poussey and her ~German Girlfriend~, Orange Is the New Black

17. Claire and Frank, Outlander

16. Libby and Robert, Masters of Sex

15. Piper and Alex, Orange Is the New Black

14. Patrick and Richie, Looking

13. Annalise and Nate, How to Get Away With Murder

When it happened: Season 1, Episode 9, "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me"

What made it hot: Sure, we've seen Nate go downtown on Annalise, but this is the first time we see them really get into it. And what's not to love about a little sex against a wall? And on a couch? And all over the damn apartment, really.

12. Rachel and Lisa, House of Cards

11. Megan, Don, and their new naked friend, Amy, Mad Men

10. Nichols and Soso, Orange Is the New Black

9. Sarah and Tammy, Transparent

When it happened: Season 1, Episode 2, "The Letting Go"

What made it hot: From the moment you see Sarah and Tammy in the same room, you kinda know they're going to hook up, because there's just something clearly between them. And when they do hook up, it's clear that they should be hooking up on the regular. (Or rather, this is my hope.)

8. Angela and James "Ghost," Power

When it happened: Season 1, Episode 7, "Loyalty"

What made it hot: Ghost is having an affair with Angela, which you'd think would make you feel bad about watching this. But, no, I don't feel bad at all actually.

7. Mary Jane and Andre, Being Mary Jane

6. Connor and the ~Copy Room Guy~, How to Get Away With Murder

When it happened: Season 1, Episode 4, "Let's Get to Scooping"

What made it hot: Two guys. One copy room. 'Nuff said. Except there's more to say, especially when Connor listens to the Copy Room Guy describe part of their sexcapade by saying, "And he did this thing to my ass that made my eyes water."

5. Detective Rust Cohle and Maggie, True Detective

4. Daenerys and Daario, Game of Thrones

When it happened: Season 4, Episode 7, "Mockingbird"

What made it hot: This is hot because a) two beautiful people, b) Daario views Khaleesi as the only woman for him, and c) She orders him to remove his clothes and HE TOTALLY OBEYS. (Actually, I'm pretty sure my pants just fell off while watching these GIFs.)

3. James and Tasha, Power

2. Eric and Jason, True Blood

1. Claire and Jamie, Outlander