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The 28 Most Ridiculous Things To Happen At This Year's Sundance Film Festival

Spoiler alert: Most of them involve interesting uses of fur.

1. George Takei made some serious duckface and posed in a photobooth.

2. A man wore this enormous green ear muff hat.

3. The public restrooms were awkwardly located next to a chocolate factory...

4. This man wore horns on his head.

5. This moose named "Loosey" wore cowboy boots, a poncho, jeans, lipstick, and a chic hat.

6. This hot, but also very freezing cold man stood outside in a fur jockstrap.

...Complete with fluffy bunny tail.

7. This one guy played a banjo, while his bandmate peeled an orange.

8. Elijah Wood DJ'd.

9. These two stood outside of a theater wearing hipster mustaches.

10. A man brought his pet owl

And she basically stole the show.

11. This guy showed up.

12. There was a cat film festival called Catdance.

13. This fur-draped lady existed.

14. PARKING WAS $50.

15. A man named "Venus Deity/Jehovah Hendrickson" showed up.

16. This shirt happened.

17. Pretty much everything about this man.

18. And this woman.

19. Christina Hendricks hugged an eskimo dog.

20. This pop-up SoulCycle station.

21. This man looking for tickets.

22. These ladies dressed like sexy Candy Land characters.

23. Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello was fully clothed, but surrounded by shirtless men.

24. This free veggie burger bar.

25. A bench with a bear already sitting on it, just waiting for someone to hang with.

26. This electric faux fur vest leading the way up Main Street.

27. A man ate a whipped cream sandwich, while Aaron Paul watched with giddy excitement.

28. And this. Just walking around, like it's not freezing outside.