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The 28 Most Ridiculous Things To Happen At This Year's Sundance Film Festival

Spoiler alert: Most of them involve interesting uses of fur.

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1. George Takei made some serious duckface and posed in a photobooth.

12. There was a cat film festival called Catdance.

19. Christina Hendricks hugged an eskimo dog.

20. This pop-up SoulCycle station.

In case you've never heard of it, SoulCycle is a spinning studio. And they set up a tent for people to take spinning classes for free.

21. This man looking for tickets.

22. These ladies dressed like sexy Candy Land characters.

23. Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello was fully clothed, but surrounded by shirtless men.

24. This free veggie burger bar.

Because YOLO.

26. This electric faux fur vest leading the way up Main Street.

27. A man ate a whipped cream sandwich, while Aaron Paul watched with giddy excitement.

It's a nod to Paul's film Hellion, which debuted at Sundance.

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