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    The 24 Most Magical Tributes To Hogwarts

    These are all Muggle tested and Harry Potter approved.

    1. This set of Gryffindor house rings that double as an invisibility cloak*.

    Which includes Ron's crown, Harry's snitch, and Hermione's red rose.

    *Invisibility not guaranteed.

    2. This Hogwarts Express door sticker, so you can quickly access the place muggles can't see.

    All aboard!

    3. Don't leave home without this vintage inspired Hogwarts travel card.

    4. Figure out how to break into Harry and Ron's room with this handy map.

    Not that you'd want to, or anything.

    5. Prove your parents wrong and hand them this personalized acceptance letter.

    See mom and dad? I made something of myself!

    6. Inspire jealousy amongst your friends with this incredibly detailed "Monster Book of Monsters" pendant.

    By incredibly detailed, we mean the front is suede and there are 16 fully illustrated pages devoted to unicorns, centaurs, hippogriffs, the phoenix, and more.

    7. These birthday invites are pretty much the best thing for any age, and we do mean any age.

    8. Start your kids early, folks.

    9. Wear your Hogwarts love on your soles.

    These are pretty epic Toms, no?

    10. Buy this art so you can have a fun taste of what to expect while roaming the Hogwarts halls.

    Owls, Harry Potter, and ghosts, oh my!

    11. The perfect place to hide your spells is in this beautiful trinket box.

    12. Nice Hogwarts report card, [insert your name here].

    13. This wall of owls will make you want one of your own.

    14. This letter of acceptance necklace doubles as a faux leather pouch.

    It may not fit your wand, but you might be able to squeeze a few coins in for your trip to Diagon Alley.

    15. Behold the best birthday card any wizard or witch could ask for.

    16. Then there's this crazy replica of Hogwarts crafted from 602,000 matchsticks.

    That takes passion, witches and wizards.

    17. Never miss a Hogwarts Express train again with the locomotive pocket watch and ticket!

    18. This delicious Harry Potter cake is already under a Lumos spell, so you don't have to cast your own!

    19. Here's the world's most magical leather luggage tag.

    20. Ten out of ten bakers agree that it's impossible to beat this fondant replica of Hogwarts.

    If you have a spare $4,800 lying about, then defs invest.

    21. Do you belong to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw? Tell the world with one of these cameo necklaces.

    22. These Hogwarts bookmarks will let your literary wizard shine!

    And at just $9 for all four, that's a pretty great deal.

    23. Keep the golden snitch close to your chest with this stunning necklace.

    Catch it before some other seeker does!

    24. And then there's this Lego replica of Hogwarts that we want to move into.

    It's made from 400,000 Legos and is 13 feet long.

    Just to repeat: This is entirely made of Legos, folks.

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