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    Mar 5, 2013

    The 24 Most Awkward Parts Of Going On Vacation With Your Family

    Growing up is hard to do.

    1. Having to carry exactly 1 million unnecessary bags up the hotel stairs.

    2. Spending hours dressed as a western saloon patron so you can have a "hilarious" family photo to remember the trip by.

    3. Or pulling the car over every five minutes so you and your dad can take an equally "hilarious" photo in front of something stupid.

    4. Having zero alone time for anything that would actually make you happy, and I do mean anything.

    Fap fap fap.

    5. In general, going to the pool and wearing something that isn't a burlap sack around your family.

    6. Or when you wear a fitted shirt and your grandma says you're "not leaving much to the imagination these days!"

    7. That moment when your parents bust out the matching outfits as a "safety" measure so they won't lose sight of you.

    8. When you're stuck in the backseat with your siblings, who smell, refuse to share, and are most definitely jerks.

    9. Trying to share a bathroom with your family and turning the counter into this wasteland.

    10. When you walk into the bathroom and accidentally see your dad naked, because he forgot to lock the door.

    Seriously, why can't parents ever remember to do this one?

    11. Trying your best not to poop or fart, because you only have that one shared bathroom and everyone can hear what you're doing in there.

    12. And when someone inevitably gets sick, and totally voms all over that bathroom you're not allowed to poop or fart in.

    13. When your sister invites her new boyfriend on the trip, and he shows up in this "fun" outfit.

    14. The moment when this question gets posed, and you know there's no turning back.

    15. When your parents start to openly bicker about directions and you're just sitting there like...

    16. Figuring out what to do when a hottie hits on you, but your dad is totally watching from a few feet away.

    17. When you have to repeatedly force a laugh at every one of your uncle's inane knock-knock jokes.

    18. When your parents wake you up at 6 in the morning to see some historic landmark, and you think you might murder them.

    19. And after a full day of sightseeing, all you want to do is nap, even though you know dinner with your family is in, like, five minutes.

    20. When your dad takes a lull in dinner conversation as an opportunity to remind you not to do drugs.

    21. When your family spends 30 minutes waffling between whether or not to get breakfast in the hotel, and you just scream as loudly as you can...

    22. When one of your bratty siblings says this to a friendly tour guide and totally makes everyone feel awkward.

    23. When your parents finally agree to let you venture off without them and your dad's public farewell is this.

    24. And when your dad drinks a little too much at dinner and starts to say exactly what he thinks about you.

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