The 19 Most Ridiculous Looks Justin Bieber’s Ever Rocked

In honor of his 19th birthday.

19. The “Baby, I just fell from heaven so I could sing to you” look

Phil Noble / Reuters

18. The “Camo can’t hide the power of my thrusts” look

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

17. “Boo, girl, boo!”

16. The “Stripper construction worker running for office” look

This is what he wore to meet the Prime Minister. Allegedly he couldn’t change clothes, because he was in the middle of rehearsals. So, this is what he wears to rehearsals.

15. “My leather chafes so hard muhfuckas wanna fine me”

Getty Images

14. The “This is what hipsters look like, right?” look

Getty Images

13. The “I want to be a Nascar driver when I grow up!” look

Getty Images

12. The “Goofy” look

Getty Images

11. The “I wear my armor on my sleeve, but only because it’s so damn sexy” look

Getty Images

10. The “Haters gonna hate, but powder blue is def in my color palette” look

Getty Images

9. The “I hope this extra-long nonsensical shirt distracts from my beanie and leather pants” look


8. “Some shit is about to go down”

7. The “I painted these pants on myself” look

Getty Images

6. “My shoes double as weapons”

Getty Images

5. The “Vests are cool if they’re gold” look

Getty Images

4. “Legit, I think I’m going crazy and this is my cry for help”

Getty Images

3. The “Faux fur–covered hair, don’t care” look

Getty Images

Nice balls.

2. The “Mirrors are for jerks” look

Getty Images

1. The “This is what happens when you have too much fame, money, and power at 19”


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