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The 18 Most Offensive Things People Say To Redheads

Yup, all of these actually happen and it's horrifying. I think it's time to end all the hate, yeah?

18. "Fire crotch!"

17. "Are you a natural ginger?"

16. "Is it true that redheads have fiery tempers?"

15. "I've never slept with a redhead before."

14. "Redheaded stepchild."

13. "Aren't redheads related to Satan?"

12. "I think redheads are gross."

11. "Can you go out in the sun?"

10. "You must be crazy in bed."

9. "Are you going to mate with another redhead?"

Why it’s offensive: "Mate" is such a strange, zoo-like word. We prefer "hump like rabbits" or "have fantastic sex that results in a superior species that will someday inherit the Earth."

How to rephrase: “Redhead babies are gorgeous and do not deserve to live in a world as ugly as this!”

8. "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Strawberry Shortcake?"

7. "Redheads have no souls."

6. "Did you ever see that really funny 'South Park' episode?"

5. "Hey, Red/Ginger/Carrottop."

4. "Can I buy you a redheaded slut?"

3. "Redheaded men aren't sexy."

2. "Does anyone ever tell you that you look like [insert any famous redhead here]?"

1. "Does the carpet match the drapes?"