The 18 Absolute Worst Parts Of Being Hungover

Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together!

1. Waking up to the sound of “construction,” and realizing it’s just a pounding headache.

3. Having to look at anyone directly in the eye, because even trying to focus hurts.

4. Having to wear sunglasses all day long and suffer through people singing, “I wear my sunglasses at night…”

5. Judgmental eyes from the sober people who didn’t go out last night.

6. Eating junk food all day in an attempt to “cure” the hangover, and not having it work. At. All.

Keep trying, though! Maybe it’ll work this next time…

7. Unquenchable thirst.


8. When you have to go to work and really just want to pass out.

9. But you can’t, because at some point your boss is going to notice.

Unless you ARE the boss, in which case, why are you at work today?

10. Paying multiple visits to your new BFF, the toilet bowl.

11. Getting those confusing pity looks from friends that make you equal parts happy and annoyed.

12. Trying to walk a straight line, even when the ground keeps shifting underneath you.

Totally not your fault, BTW.

13. Hearing someone else mention any kind of alcohol, and feeling like you might die a little inside.

14. People around you offering sage yet unsolicited advice on how to feel better.

15. Attempting to put on clothes, in general.

16. Realizing that you did some drunk Facebooking the night before.

17. And having to get rid of the evidence.

18. And that moment when you FINALLY start to feel better, but it becomes clear that you’re not.

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