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    The 16 Worst Types Of People On Twitter

    Looking at you, people who love to humblebrag!

    1. People who love to dish out unwanted advice.

    Why it's the worst: Oh, wait, I shouldn't be a psycho stalker?! But I thought dudes loved that shit... I'm so confused! Here's a little piece of advice for you, too: Turn off the caps lock.

    Ugh level on a scale of one to ten: 10

    2. People who don't understand how to use a hashtag.

    Why it's the worst: Oh, Busta Rhymes, you great wizard of words. Why is the hashtag so difficult to master? Did someone tell you it could be used as a replacement for sentences? Did they forget to mention a hashtag should relate more to a topic than, say, the fact that you just worked out? Tell me what they told you, babe.

    Ugh level on a scale of one to ten: 6

    3. People who reveal #spoilers.

    Why it's the worst: Oh, come on! This isn't your living room, I'm not watching Walking Dead with you, so please don't tweet at me as if we're sitting next to each other and I just saw exactly the same thing you did. So not cool, guys.

    Ugh level on a scale of one to ten: 7

    4. People who make reaching a certain number of followers your problem.

    Why it's the worst: Aside from the fact that fixating on a number and making everyone else around you do the same is obnoxious, they usually try to enlist your help. As they get closer to their numeric goal, they'll also up their tweets about it and clog up your feed. :(

    Ugh level: 7, because eventually they'll reach their goal and stop...for a little while.

    5. People who immediately say they won't follow back, even if you weren't looking for that.

    Why it's the worst: Dude, you don't know my life! What makes you think I even wanted you to follow me anyway? Stop being so presumptuous, and follow me the hell back already.

    Ugh level: 5

    6. People who passive aggressively post song lyrics.

    Why it's the worst: It's clearly directed at someone, but you'll never know who. Worst of all, is if you try and ask about it, they can easily just say it's a song they're "really into right now!" Even though it's not. Obviously.

    Ugh level: 8

    7. People who aren't afraid of a little #TMI.

    Why it's the worst: Whether or not you wanted to know about this person's bodily functions doesn't apply here. Just make sure to return the favor, and DM them a photo of your dog's poop with the message, "FiFi is having the same exact issue LOL #twinsies."

    Ugh level: 10

    8. People desperately calling out for attention.

    Why it's the worst: You know what's unattractive? Clingy people. Even if it's virtual.

    Ugh level: 6

    9. People who should just Google it.

    Why it's the worst: There's this little thing called the "Inter-webs," you see, and on it are these pages where you can find answers to pretty much any horrifying question you have. Best of all? Searching there will likely save you the humiliation of posting something ridiculous like, "How do I do MLA?" for everyone to see.

    Ugh level: 5

    10. #FF enthusiasts

    Why it's the worst: Follow Fridays (#FF) are great, especially when you're trying to become twitter BFFs with someone and can throw them a simple 140 characters or less compliment. However, when it's done over and over again to a point where your feed is all #FFs and little else, it's just not fun for anyone.

    Ugh level: 9

    11. People who talk about their Favstar trophies as if it's an Oscars speech.

    Why it's the worst: Oh, someone gave you a trophy for a tweet? Cool. Looks like you've finally peaked, friend!

    Ugh level: 7

    12. #WTF people

    Why it's the worst: Since none of us are mind readers (that I know of), care to explain what the eff your bizzarro tweet means?! Because, honestly, I've just got no idea. And I'm a little concerned about you getting punched, friend.

    Ugh level: 6

    13. People who only post in CAPS

    Why it's the worst: Please, stop shouting. Seriously, I can hear you just fine and would appreciate it if you'd lower your voice. OK, the yelling needs to end now!

    Ugh level: 8

    14. Or people who don't hit caps lock, but just randomly cap words that don't need it.

    Why it's the worst: Oh, On Second Thought, Maybe it's Not so Bad. I mean, Really, What's The Worst That could happen When You Haphazardly pick Certain words to give Caps to? nothing, In fact.

    Ugh level: 8

    15. And the people who post each and every vague emotion they have.

    Why it's the worst: Look, it's great that you've just sighed. That's really amazing and I'm happy for you! But maybe just keep it to yourself, or call a therapist, I dunno.

    Ugh level: 9

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