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The 14 Most Existential Questions Ever Asked On "Pete & Pete"

The Nickelodeon show that tried to answer the meaning of your childhood.

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1. "What is the meaning of homework?"

2. "What's my destiny with Ellen?"

3. "What are the stars, really?"

4. "Will you answer destiny's call?"

5. "Is it raining?"

6. "What's the point of a spice rack?"

7. "Is a driver's license worth the cost of a trout head?"

8. "Is money worth going to the bathroom through your nose?"

9. "What is so great about Halloween, anyway?"

10. "What is the point of math?"

11. "Who is Mr. Tastee?"

12. "Why does music make you feel emotional?"

13. "Why do you want to hurt yourself?"

14. "Why is nine o'clock my bedtime?"

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