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    The 12 Most Important Moves From The Air Sex Championships

    NSFW: Some people are really great at having sex with no one.

    You've probably heard of Air Guitar, but for those of us who can't play an instrument—even a fake one—there's another option...

    1. The "I'm Pushing This Air Sooo Hard, Baby"

    2. The "Eating Out a Giant"

    3. "I'm Sooo Naughty I'll Spank Myself"

    4. "Just Clowning Around" (With My Dick)

    5. The "Look Ma, One Hand!"

    6. "The Expert Multitasker"

    7. The "I Get Down...And Deep"

    8. "Tears As Lube Handski"

    9. "Hand to Gland Combat"

    10. The "Hold Up, While I Put This Microphone On You And Fix My Weave" Hump

    11. "Mario Gets A Mushroom Boner And It's Weird" Strip Tease

    12. The "Man With A Headband And a Hump" Thrust

    The 2013 World Championships kick off on June 4 in Florida, naturally.

    So, do you have the moves to get crowned King or Queen of air humpage?! Put your money where your thrust is and prove it!