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The 12 Most Horrifying Parts Of Having Bangs

Think before you cut, folks.

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1. Pretty much anytime a sweaty situation happens.

Totally not cool, bangs!

Totally not cool, bangs!

2. Having an enjoyable day at the beach ruined when your bangs totally blow into your eyes.

3. The possibility that your bangs are actually too arousing, and will turn you into a sexual beacon of light.

4. The fact that you need to go for "in-between" cuts or "bang trims," which is just a fancy way of saying you'll need to get your hair cut more often.

And sometimes you decide to skip the middle man and just cut them yourself.

But when you do, this disaster happens. :(

5. When someone puts the car window down, and this unpleasant look befalls you.

6. In general, the wind.

7. When your bangs go rogue and don't stay in place, like you've pleaded with them to.

8. Or when they grow out and make everyone around you uncomfortable.

9. When you wake up after a night of boozing only to find that your bangs are suffering the consequences.

10. In general, having naturally curly hair.

11. And trying to straighten your bangs despite the curl.

12. And dealing with that thing that happens when you try to put on hair gel*.


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