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27 Symptoms Of Dating In Los Angeles

OMG, why do you live so far away?!

1. Before you bother meeting up with someone, you ask them where they live.

Because if you live in Silver Lake and they live in Culver City, this relationship is doomed.

2. You can tell if they're an actor just by looking at their OkCupid profile pic. (It's totally a headshot.)

Hint: Look for chain link fences, brick walls, and perfectly manicured vistas as the backdrop.

3. "Are you a Scientologist?" is a legit and fair question that you've asked.

4. You've been asked to read someone's script after a few dates.

5. If someone doesn't have a car, that's a real problem.

6. If it's only permit parking by the person's house, then you're never staying at their place.

7. You might have to become a gluten-free vegan, because that's what they are.

8. You're not fazed by the fact that most of the people you date work in "the industry."

Even if they're just an aspiring actor, working as a waiter.

9. All of your friends are already coupled up, which means you won't meet anyone single through them.

Is it because it's so cheap to live together? Or something in the water?

10. You have to deal with people working really long hours, and sometimes going "on location" for months at a time for their job.

It's lame, but it happens.

11. Because the weather is perfect year-round, you take advantage of fantastic free dates, like hiking!

12. Chances are that you've gone on a date to the Arclight.

13. Or the Griffith Observatory.

14. You're not surprised if someone's dated a famous person.

Miracles do happen!

15. Because the food in Los Angeles is so amazing, you'll go out on a date just to try a new restaurant.

(Ladies and gents, head to Bar Ama.)

16. You never meet random people, because you spend so much time driving in your car.

Unless you crash into their car, and it's a hot boi, and then you're totally set!

17. But you're not above meeting someone in Trader Joe's.

18. People love designer coffee here, so you're constantly being asked to go for day dates at an espresso bar.

19. If you're dating an aspiring artist, you have to deal with their fragile ego.

20. Bars close at 2 a.m., so you have to plan an early night. (Not that you'd ever stay up that late anyway.)

21. Because it's hard to meet people, you seize every book club, dinner party, and small gathering opportunity.

22. You've been on a date where the entire conversation revolved around name dropping.

23. You've lied about what movies, TV, and music you like, because you know the other person will judge you.

24. When you meet someone who's not in "the industry," you tell everyone. / Via

It's like seeing a unicorn!

25. You suggest food trucks, or $2 tacos for dinner, BECAUSE THEY ARE DELICIOUS.

Flickr: josewolff

And a dinner out in Los Angeles will cost you exactly $1 million.

26. Having anxiety or confusion about coordinating who should drive is totally normal. (And totally frustrating.)

27. Dating is hard, but at least you live in Los Angeles, and that's awesome.

Look at all those lights! Plenty of L.A. fish to pick from!