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    Some People Didn't Realize Nicole Kidman Is A Fucking Amazing Actress

    You didn't know Nicole Kidman was a great actress? Well, GET READY.

    Okay, so the Big Little Lies finale was on Sunday, and needless to say, IT WAS PHENOMENAL.


    Everyone who watched was finally able to just LET GO.

    But the best part of the finale, and the whole damn show, was Queen Nicole Kidman.


    And if you're a smart person, and I know you are, then this comes as no damn surprise.

    But there were many people who seemed a little surprised that our babe Nicole is legit great:

    People who were like, "Oh, she seems cool."

    someone: who is nicole kidman? twitter before big little lies: that white lady with grinch hands twitter after big…

    And some fools who also just, like, don't even know who she is?!

    So, I'm going to do you a solid and educate you.


    Like, for example, Nicole Kidman being the quintessential witch in Practical Magic. She made you want to be her — like BE. HER.

    DiNovi Pictures

    Sings ::she put the lime in the coconut, drink them both up::

    Or when she slayed in Moulin Rouge as a beautiful courtesan who lives IN AN APARTMENT IN THE SHAPE OF AN ELEPHANT, OK?!

    Bazmark Films

    Girl can sing, and cancan. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!

    Remember when she played a complete and utter psychopath in To Die For? Of COURSE you do, because she was brilliant.


    Still with me? Because I haven't even gotten into her equal parts heartbreaking and powerful performance as Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

    Paramount Pictures

    HI, she won an OSCAR for this role. They don't just give those out!

    So I'm glad we're all getting on the same page here.

    Because, yeah, Nicole Kidman is a big fucking deal.

    Always has been. Always will be. Queen Nicole for all the damn awards.

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