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15 Small Injustices All Netflix Lovers Face

Yes, Netflix, I'm still watching, OK?

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2. When this judgmental message pops up right in the middle of your binge-a-thon.

Yes, I'm still watching. And I ate a whole sleeve of Oreos, too. Are you happy now?!


6. Losing all of your weekend because of Netflix. All of the seasons are there. Waiting. Ready.

I'm not even complaining, really, but like...what is my life now?

7. When Netflix rudely reminds you of why you should never share your Netflix account details.

8. Because when you do share your account with someone, Netflix will totally blow up your spot.

That was a secret between us, Netflix. How you gonna do me like this?

11. Having to sit through the "previously on," even though you just watched what was previously on.

12. Becoming so emotionally invested in a Netflix series that you aren't sure what to do with your life when it ends.

Will I be OK? I'm very concerned here...

13. Seeing this message, in general.