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18 Slightly Horrifying Airport Moments That Will Make You Say "WHY?!"

Please don't say "Thank you for your patience" again.

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4. When you're in the security line and the person in front of you is acting like they didn't hear the "what not to bring with you" announcements.

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Wrong shoes, forgot to throw out your water, nothing is in a plastic bag, and we're going to be here for another 30 minutes.


9. When the airline conveniently forgets to tell you that your flight has a "new time," which is code for "DELAYED."

And then they say "Thank you for your patience" as if you had some kind of choice in the matter.


13. When you're sitting in the teeny tiny airport seats and someone walks by and rolls over your feet with their luggage.

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We're all just trying to survive this, and you need to LOOK before you ROLL.