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    28 Signs Your Friends Are All Getting Married

    What are you doing this weekend? Oh, right ... another wedding.

    1. Every time you get a new wedding invite, this is your reaction:

    2. Your Facebook timeline looks like this:

    3. You're shitfaced every weekend, because Saturday means an open bar at a wedding.

    4. When you're not asked to be in the wedding party, this is your reaction:

    5. You can tie a bow tie with your eyes closed.

    6. When your friend says they've found "the one," this is how you feel.

    7. You have a collection of these chalky candies you'll never, ever eat.

    8. You don't remember what a weekend, or vacation is, because all of that time goes to weddings.

    9. Your friends talk about something they did with their "couple friends."

    10. Your friends have started getting aggressively sappy when it comes to love.

    11. Your friends start leaving the bar by 10.

    12. And before your friend can get drinks, they have to ask permission first.

    13. Your friend suggests a fun night of scrolling through Pinterest wedding boards.

    14. You've never heard the phrase "clock is ticking" so many times in your damn life.

    15. Your closet is basically just a vault of wedding attire.

    16. Any time you have extra money, you remember that you need to spend it on someone else ...

    17. Your friend uses "we" more than "I" in sentences.

    18. You know how to handle a dry wedding.

    19. You've had someone cancel plans because they're "in planning mode."

    20. Your fridge looks like this.

    21. You can count the number of friends who aren't married on one tiny hand.

    22. You have a strong dislike for wedding singers in general.

    23. When a best man or maid of honor speech runs long, you want to cut someone.

    24. You can recite your tux measurements by heart.

    25. You're able to tell how much a wedding costs by the time the appetizers arrive.

    26. You know exactly what kind of supplies to buy so that the wedding car doesn't get completely destroyed.

    27. When someone gives a heartfelt, emotional speech though, you're still affected.

    28. Because finding "the one," is hard to do, and the fact that your friends have is pretty amazing.