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21 Secrets Every Sephora Addict Will Never Tell You

You can keep your VIP, I'll take my VIB.

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1. You've spent whole minutes of hours trying on makeup, even if you don't need any.

Because even if you don't NEED any makeup, you still want some.

2. You'll go to Sephora with no makeup on, because you know you'll get a makeover.

Best way to start your day!

3. You always say "YES" to free samples, and then find them lying unopened in your drawer months later.

Why did I take this eye cream again?

4. Your VIB card is basically your favorite card to use.

And use... and use...

5. You'll take a selfie just because you're wearing new makeup from Sephora.

When is there EVER a better selfie opp?

6. And you've been known to camp outside the store for a VIB sale like it's an iPhone release day.


7. You don't do your own makeup for big events, Sephora does.


8. You'll save up your points until you find the PERFECT free gift, because you're worth it, duh.

And you never waste your points.

9. You know you have a borderline addiction to makeup, but it doesn't matter...

Because there are worse addictions in life.

10. You've legitimately cried when you want a new makeup product and they're all sold out.


11. You try on ~funky~ makeup in Sephora that you KNOW you'd never ever wear outside the store.

Because when in Sephora...

12. A Sephora gift card is like getting a thousand angels singing your name from heaven.

And is most definitely the way to your heart.

13. You've gone into the store and bought something, only to realize you have the EXACT same thing at home.

But now you have two, which is EVEN BETTER.

14. Those little mini-products in the checkout line are your legit kryptonite.

It's a trap. A very, very beautiful trap.

15. You know that once you step into the store, you're buying something. There's just no way around it.


16. You love giving away your Sephora bags as gift bags because it means you have room for more.

Because let's be honest, you have a lot.

17. If there was a fire, or an earthquake, or you were trapped on a desert island, you're bringing your makeup bag.

Do you even realize how much money this bag is worth?! DO YOU!?

18. You have a favorite Sephora makeup artist, and you're on a first name basis.

"Hi, where's Kevin? He's the only one who understands my skin tone, OK?"

19. Even though it takes time, putting on your face is your favorite part of the day.

It's not easy looking this good, but someone's got to.

20. You've definitely hidden your Sephora bag inside a bigger bag to hide your obsession.

No, I didn't buy something from Sephora again today...

21. And now, after reading this post, you want nothing more than to take a trip to Sephora.

And you damn well should. Treat yourself.

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