The Hanson Brothers Are All Grown Up And It's Delicious

    MmmHOT. Sorry, not sorry.

    You remember the Hanson brothers. Three adorable guys just singing a song about some MmmBops like nobody's business. Aww, so cute!! 💕

    Well they're all grown up, and they're hot enough to just melt the pants right off ya.


    Of course there was Taylor and he was just so freaking ADORABLE with those little ~dimples~. He was only 14 when "MMMBop" came out...

    ...Well, he's 33 now and looks hot AF.

    And he still sings with his brothers, only now he's older, hotter, and has facial hair that you kinda wanna bite.

    Oh, and he has an Instagram where he sometimes posts sexy pics of him being a pilot, or whatever. It's hot.

    And of course, older brother Isaac, who was 17 when "MMMBop" came out... now a 35-year-old total and utter hunk. Like, LOOK AT THAT SWOOP OF HAIR.

    I've never wanted to be a microphone so badly.

    And last but not least is sweet little Zac who was only 12 (!!!) when this happened!

    He's 30 now. Beautiful. And it's time we start a petition for Zac to record an album where he just sings compliments that we can play over and over again.

    Oh, and sometimes he plays drums onstage and gets alllll kinds of sweaty. It's breathtaking.

    So three cheers for Zac, Taylor, and Isaac! Let their hotness be a beacon of hope in our cold, dark nights!

    MMMHot, baby, be dop, I do bop, do be dop, I do, drop the pants, bah dop I do...