19 Ways To Eat More Peanut Butter And Jelly

    It's peanut butter jelly time!

    1. Start your day off with peanut butter and fresh raspberry jam waffles.

    2. Or these peanut butter muffins with whole strawberries baked in that will keep you full all-day.

    3. And you can keep things healthy with these gluten-free, low calorie peanut butter and jelly cups.

    4. You could bake these peanut butter and jelly cookies, then immediately eat them.

    5. Or go for those delicious crumbles with these peanut butter and jelly bars.

    6. If you're in need of something a bit more savory, then this recipe for a peanut butter burger with strawberry relish should do the trick.

    7. Treat yourself to these peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies, pictured here with blackberry jam. :: drools ::

    8. And if baking isn't your "thing," these no-bake peanut butter and jelly bites will take you all of 10 minutes, and be just as yummy as if they were fresh from the oven.

    9. Throw a party and serve up this PB&J pavlova. Then when people ask what "pavlova" is, just tell them to eat it.

    10. Skip the traditional sandwich, and make yourself a peanut butter and jelly cookie sandwich instead.

    11. When it's hot and you need a cooler version of your fave treat, try this PB & Strawberry shake.

    12. Up the ante on your normal PB&J game with this cornflake-encrusted sandwich. It's kind of like French toast, only more peanut butter and jammy.

    13. If you can't have peanuts, then fear not: tahini butter and raspberry jam are here to make the heavens sing.

    14. For a more ~adult~ version of your favorite treat, try this grape tart with a walnut crust.

    15. Are you sitting down? Because grilled PB&J sandwiches with brie cheese EXIST.

    16. Take your tea with a PB&J scone.

    17. Get the perfect snack with this peanut butter and jelly popcorn.

    18. How about some PB&J trifles topped with homemade whipped cream for dessert?

    19. And of course, there's nothing more delicious or classic than the PB&J sandwich.