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    26 Reasons You're Lucky To Not Be A Kid Today

    I'm just glad my childhood didn't include helping my parents create a Facebook profile.

    1. Duckface starts at an early age.

    2. Your name would be a Twitter reference.

    3. Or Champagne, but spelled Shampayne.

    4. $500 can only get you a shirt.

    5. Sketchy vans have become even sketchier.

    6. Your parents are on Facebook.

    7. And they text about how you should follow them on Twitter.

    8. Your parents know where you are AT ALL TIMES.

    9. Seriously, THERE IS NOWHERE TO HIDE.


    11. These are your Halloween costume options.

    Better start doing those ab workouts now!

    12. No pressure, but this is the kind of Sweet 16 present your friends are getting.

    13. If you do something embarrassing, someone will take a photo and humiliate you forever.

    14. Post-it notes are wayyyy harder to write on.

    It's almost like they're not Post-its at all...

    15. People expect something from you, and that something is naked pics.

    16. These no longer exist.

    17. Kids may not actually be learning anything.

    18. You're judged on the type of browser you use.

    19. These are the kinds of notes kids pass in school, and they include time stamps.

    As well as autocorrect fails.

    20. Parents take away your iPad for the lamest shit.

    21. Older people are always being way harsh about the fact that you want organic Wi-Fi and raw almonds on your yoga mat.

    22. People give you such crap when you can't figure out how to turn the three around.

    23. They have to worry about this epic travesty happening.

    24. Kids go through life never knowing what bad-tasting medicine even is.

    25. And being a kid today means your parents can shame you online.

    You're gonna be internet famous — whether you like it or not.

    26. Like, seriously, this will come back to haunt you.

    We can all be happy that our shower poops never made us famous... Right?

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