23 Reasons Why You Secretly Love "Say Yes To The Dress"

    Come on, admit it: this show is your guilty pleasure. And you wish you were binge-watching it right now!

    1. Because there's always a bride who has this kind of wedding vision:

    2. Because seeing the groups reaction to a gown is WONDERFUL.

    3. Because it's always fun to see what the "sexy bride" is going to put on.

    4. Sometimes a bride gets super excited about little things, and it's amazing.

    5. Sometimes celebs, like Kristin Chenoweth, swing by, and then you get a sneak peek into what their wedding could look like.

    6. Every bride says basically the same thing: "I'm looking for something unique, classy, sexy, vintage, and elegant."

    7. Sometimes you want to strangle the BFF who thinks her opinion matters more than the bride's.

    8. Randy Fenoli's ties, in general.

    9. There's always that one suspenseful moment where you don't know if the bride is going to LOVE or HATE the gown.

    10. But when they LOVE it, it breaks your heart a little.

    11. When the groom comes to a fitting it's always a disaster. Always.

    12. Because the group is always super opinionated, and it makes you mad and excited at the same time.

    13. Because it's fun to hear brides say things like, "The lace is pretty in theory, but I think once it's on it's just a little… tablecloth-y."

    14. Because someone always says this on the show, "I feel like a princess!"

    15. Because the picky brides are the worst to work with, but the most fun to watch.

    16. When there's a difficult bride, and Randy makes this face to hide his rage.

    17. There's always that bride who HAS to stay within her budget.

    18. But they never ever can.

    19. And the occasional magic moment when they find a way to give the bride a deal on her dress.

    20. Because Keashia, and most of the associates TBH, manage to be both very business like and completely sweet.

    21. The moms on this show are terrible at hiding their feelings about dresses.

    22. And it's really really fun to watch.

    23. And when you finally reach this moment, it feels like a weight has been lifted: "I think I'm going to say yes to the dress!"

    Seriously, why am I crying?!