25 Reasons Why Summer Is The Enemy

I think there’s sunscreen in my mouth?

1. It’s a time of year when you’re literally sweating balls.

2. Because sunburns are the worst thing ever.

Flickr: hawk684 / Via Creative Commons



Flickr: danocan / Via Creative Commons

5. Not to mention THE PEELING.

Flickr: maxually / Via Creative Commons

6. It’s so hot outside that the ground will actually catch fire. Repeat: FIRE IS COMING.

7. And get ready to celebrate weird tan line time.

Flickr: dhedwards / Via Creative Commons

8. If you’re pale during the summer, it’s like trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The sun will eat your flesh if you don’t cover your body in chain metal.

9. And because the sun is no one’s bitch, it means sunscreen. Probably in your eyes, too.

Flickr: tryagain / Via Creative Commons

And in your mouth and your ears and probably up your nose.

10. That pool you’re swimming in? It’s filled with pee. Sorry, but it is.

Flickr: kidpaparazzi / Via Creative Commons

11. Same goes for the ocean. And, like, fish poo.

Flickr: krisrex / Via Creative Commons

12. And you pee in the ocean and pool because the public restrooms are filled with sand and barefoot hellishness.

Flickr: jpcarrascal / Via Creative Commons

13. Also, welcome to Croc season, folks.

Flickr: tais / Via Creative Commons

Hope you enjoy seeing all that swiss cheese roaming the streets.

14. And “You’ll Be Seeing Everyone’s Hairy Toes” season, in general.

Flickr: vertigoacid / Via Creative Commons

15. Because you’re wearing less clothing, it means you’ll have to shave more.

16. Even at night it’s sweltering, which means you won’t be sleeping much.

Ryan Murphy Productions / Via whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com

Sweaty sticky sheets = no rest whatsoever.

17. Bathing suits are just humiliating for everyone, even models.

18. When men wear shorts, get ready to see some THINGS.

NBC / “Friends” / Via imgur.com

I’m talking sweaty balls, folks.

19. And if you’re the one wearing shorts when it’s a zillion degrees out, get ready for chaffing.

20. The blazing sun turns your car seats into a death trap from which there is no escape.

Hartswood Films / Via hoyabetches.tumblr.com

21. Hope you’re making dollas, because your electric bill is about to CLIMB y’all!

22. Forget cuddling. Or having sexy times. It’s too hot.

Darren Star Productions / Via whathighschoolshouldwecallme.tumblr.com

23. You’re drinking so much iced coffee that you legit lose your mind from all the caffeine every day around 3 p.m.

24. Prepare your body to be stung by one of these a-holes.

Flickr: locomotion / Via Creative Commons

Now that it’s nice and warm, the yellow jackets, bees, and hornets are ready to come out.

25. The only foods you can comfortably eat are cold ones, but even they melt into sticky oblivion.

Flickr: subliminal / Via Creative Commons

RIP ice cream cone, I hardly knew ye.

In conclusion: WHEN IS WINTER COMING?!

HBO / Via bustle.com

I miss you, winter.

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