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23 Reasons Why October Is The Best Month Ever

Bring on the pumpkin everything!

1. You can catch this movie replaying on any number of channels whenever you want.

2. All of these magical delights come back to life!

Pumpkin spice for you, and pumpkin spice for me!

3. Oktoberfest.

4. The leaves change color, fall to the ground, and make a beautiful, crunchy blanket to walk across.

5. The aisles at CVS look like this:

6. Pumpkin flavoring, in general.

7. Getting to partake in seasonal activities, like apple picking.

8. These awesome TV shows come back.

9. It's not too cold, and it's not too hot: The weather is just right!

10. And since it's cooling off, it's time to let your inner fireplace freak flag fly.

11. You get invited to parties where the snack table looks like this:

12. And you get to drink all the pumpkin beer your heart desires.

13. You can eat Halloween candy every day of this month and no one will ever judge you.

14. It's a month where your heart will grow three sizes when kids dress up in insanely cute costumes.

15. Plus, it's also socially acceptable to play dress up yourself.

16. Haunted house photos are positively hilarious.

17. There's always that one neighbor who goes all out with the mind-blowing decorations.

18. Cats and dogs are in disguise as other things and it's DELIGHTFUL.

19. You get to practice your whittling skills.

20. And roast the seeds afterward.

21. Scaring people "for fun" is widely encouraged.

22. You're guaranteed a new "Treehouse of Horror" Episode from The Simpsons.

23. And the very best part of October is celebrating Halloween, because it's the most amazing sugar-fueled holiday of all!