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    For All The '90s Girls Who Were Team JC Chasez

    For the girl who has everything, I give you JC: still hot.

    Let me take you back to a time when studded denim and frosted tips were EVERYTHING, a magical time called, ~The '90s.~

    You remember it well, because that's when you met the man (and turtleneck) who would cause your sexual awakening.

    In 1995, the heavens parted, angels sang a high note, and NSYNC was formed.

    The gelled hair of JC Chasez came into your life, and life was FUCKING GREAT.

    He put the "C" in NSYNC, OK?!

    This was you, basically every single day. / Via Disney

    And here's why JC Chasez was, without a doubt, the best member of NSYNC to fall in love with:

    1. Because JC was the hottest folder to carry around in your Jansport backpack.

    2. He fucking OWNED the weird, shiny, plastic suit look.

    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

    3. He OWNED that shit.

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    4. And this photo (along with many, MANY others) covered the walls of your bedroom and lulled you to sleep at night.

    Yes, stare into my eyes with your bluer, better-lookinger eyes. YES, A THOUSAND TIMES, YES.

    Bob Berg / Getty Images

    5. He was the only member of NSYNC who was sophisticated enough to rock a sensible turtleneck.

    Jim Smeal / WireImage

    6. But he also looked fantastic in a sensible sleeveless number.

    7. The one who wasn't afraid to be goofy!

    And guess what, you were goofy as fuck too. Clearly meant to be together!

    8. And, I mean, clearly he was the leader of the group: He knew how to stand out!

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    9. The mere THOUGHT of being in the same room with JC during a concert was enough to make you ugly cry.

    10. And if you ever got to see him in concert, you'd count down the day, hour, minute, second, until your parents told you to calm the fuck down.

    11. And actually seeing JC hump the stage during a concert made you scream so loudly that to this day you can't hear certain pitches.

    No matter, I didn't need to hear that note anyway!

    12. His ombre shades were SO. FUCKING. COOL. that you bought a pair too.

    Kevin Winter / Via Getty

    JC wears ombre shades? So the fuck am I! We'll wear them on our wedding day <3

    13. Like, his shade game was just so on point.

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    14. And you saved up enough to buy the Christmas album so you could hang the CD sleeve art on your wall.

    "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" on a loop in your room while you stare at it.

    15. THIS tongue thing made you blackout from happiness.

    Scott Gries / Via Getty Images

    Put that tongue on MY tongue. PUT IT ON.

    16. And sure, JC made some questionable hair choices.

    17. And facial hair choices...

    Amanda Edwards / Via Getty Images

    18. ... sigh. And fashion choices.

    Mark Mainz / Via Getty Images

    19. While other times it seemed like he was channeling Bono.

    Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

    20. NO MATTER! Because your love of JC goes beyond the physical.

    21. His dancing (and more importantly, THRUSTING) gave you life.

    22. As did his pantomiming!

    You're trapped! You're a Ken doll, and you want me to free you and take you home with me so we can cuddle and you can tell me how great my smile is! YES. I WILL BUY YOU... errr... save you.

    23. And, yes, OK, it was MOSTLY physical for you, because he's HAF*. (*hot as fuck)

    Scott Gries / Via Getty Images

    To be honest.

    24. Like, Lance had to throw so much shade because he just seriously couldn't handle the HAFery.

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    25. And guess what: JC is still HAF.

    Rick Solomon / Via Getty Images

    26. Like, hello sleeveless tee, let me fall into your loving arms.

    27. Or let me watch you pose on stage at the mother effing VMAs. / Via MTV

    28. Oh, you're older, wiser, and more sophisticated now, so you hang out with badasses, like Patrick Stewart?!

    Astrid Stawiarz / Via Getty Images

    29. OK, well, my fellow TEAM JC fans: I think we can rest our case now.

    MTV / Via

    JC is still hot, and he needs to go on tour again so we can lose our fucking minds. End scene.

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