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For All The '90s Girls Who Were Team JC Chasez

For the girl who has everything, I give you JC: still hot.

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And here's why JC Chasez was, without a doubt, the best member of NSYNC to fall in love with:


12. His ombre shades were SO. FUCKING. COOL. that you bought a pair too.

Kevin Winter / Via Getty

JC wears ombre shades? So the fuck am I! We'll wear them on our wedding day <3

14. And you saved up enough to buy the Christmas album so you could hang the CD sleeve art on your wall.


22. As did his pantomiming!

You're trapped! You're a Ken doll, and you want me to free you and take you home with me so we can cuddle and you can tell me how great my smile is! YES. I WILL BUY YOU... errr... save you.

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