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21 Questions All Couples Eventually Ask

Can I start watching House of Cards without them getting angry, or...?

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2. If our favorite thing to do is hang out at home together, does that make us boring?

It may be boring to other people, but to you it's the best thing in the world. <3


10. Is it OK that I literally have no idea who owes each other money anymore?

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He bought dinner last time, so I think I should buy it next time? But I did buy groceries, so... ah, fuck it.

11. When did I start actually watching basketball and LIKING it?! They did this to ME.

Your passions become my passions, and now I'm a basketball monster fan!


14. It's not boring to keep ordering from the same place for takeout, right?

We just both really like it, and, ya know... Pho again, it is!

18. What will we look like 40 years from now?

Because I think it'll be pretty cute...

20. Why am I wearing their clothes, and how did they get mine...?

I feel weird about this, but as long as no one else notices... maybe it's OK?

21. What the hell would I ever do without them?!

The most important question of all. <3

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