14 Questions Americans Have About Traditional English Breakfast

    So full... of beans... and questions.

    1. Do people eat this every day?

    2. What kind of ingredient is a "bubble & squeak"?!?

    3. Why do you need two types of meat? Is there a reason?

    4. Why doesn't the bacon look like a slice of bacon?!

    5. Does anyone ever actually eat the tomato...?

    6. How many calories are in this breakfast, exactly...?

    7. Is this actually breakfast or is it more like dinner, but in the morning?

    8. Are beans really allowed to be a breakfast food?

    9. Does THE QUEEN eat this every morning?

    10. ... Where does the ketchup go?

    11. Does it still count as an English breakfast if you order your eggs scrambled?

    12. Am I dying? Is that what this feeling is, now that I ate all this?

    13. Which would win in a fight — American breakfast or British breakfast?

    14. Why don't more places in America serve a full English breakfast?