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    Here Are Which States Search For The Most Redhead Porn

    But the Czech Republic is the real MVP of loving redheads.

    As we all know, redheads are sexy motherfuckers who are too good for this earth.

    Case in point: model Cintia Dicker.

    And Pornhub just released some new insights into what people want to see when they search for gingers...

    Including the states that tend to search for redheads more than others. (Oh, hello Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska...)

    On a related note: bye, Texas.

    They also shared a list of the countries most interested in looking up reds...

    At the top of the list are the Czech Republic, Ireland, and the UK, where a lot of redheads already happen to live.

    BRB, learning to speak Czech.

    Also? Apparently men aged 18-24 and 45-54 are really in the redhead sweet spot.

    Well, what can we say? We've got a fan base.

    Can you really blame people for loving us, tho?

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